Tottering Democracies and the Precariousness of Religious Commitment

Öffentlicher Abend in englischer Sprache im Rahmen des Studientags "On Thinking God"
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On Thinking God: Tottering Democracies and the Precariousness of Religious Commitment
Termin: 27.04.2023
Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Katholische Akademie in Berlin, Hannoversche Str. 5, 10115 Berlin

We find our republics undergoing tectonic quakes rendering the very fabric of our civil  societies. Social life is premised upon a basic trust and the exploitation of political divides leading to parliamentary paralysis has spread beyond those republics like the US and Israel in which indicted persons have cultivated the politics of resentment. In terms of our conference it is particularly disturbing to see the role played by prima facia religiously communities in promoting racist agendas. The  rift between religious seriousness and moral commitment is shaping a new generation and it demands the reflection of morally committed theologians. Theology critiques idolatrous claims to power, it proposes vision, but these are premised on the capacity to understand religious pathologies.



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