Talmud and Contemporary Thought: Theo-Politics of Exile

Termin: 30.11.2023 – 03.12.2023
Ort: Center of Jewish Studie Antwerpen

The workshop examines exile as a category in contemporary thought and politics. Exile signifies not just forced expulsion but metaphysical estrangement. The workshop asks if exile is purely negative, denoting only loss, or can have positive meaning as critical distance resisting identification with the status quo. It explores whether embracing exile is realistic or renounces politics. In Jewish thought, the Talmud regulates historical exile (galuth) and diaspora. The discussion will also ask about the relation of Talmudic exile to currents debates on the State of Israel’s relation to diaspora. It asks whether exile is apolitical nostalgia or a resource for contesting the concept of the state.


Daniel Boyarin
University of Berkeley
Moshe Halbertal
Itamar Ben Ami
Utrecht University
Luca Di Blasi
University of Bern
Lena Salaymeh
EPEH Paris
Sophie Nordmann
EPEH Paris
Jayne Svenungson
Lund University
Layla Seri
Lund University
Willem Styfals
KU Leuven
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