Master Class on Modern Talmudic Hermeneutics

Termin: 12.12.2023 – 14.12.2023
Ort: Katholische Akademie in Berlin, Hannoversche Str. 5, 10115 Berlin

The master class will be led by two main instructors through guided readings in primary sources. Elchanan Reiner (Tel Aviv University, emer.) will explore how the printing of the Talmud gave rise to modern talmudic hermeneutics and reinforced the Talmud’s canon status in the modern Jewish library. Oded Schechter (Makhloykes Berlin) will show how in modern talmudic study the aim of limud shifted from formulating general principles to elaborating unresolvable problems. Additional activities will include a class on Talmud in modern Jewish philosophy by Elad Lapidot, guest lectures, small group study sessions, open discussion and presentations of participants’ research projects.

Prof. Elad Lapidot
Université de Lille
Prof. Elchanan Reiner
Tel Aviv University, emer.
Dr. Oded Schechter
Makhloykes Berlin
Prof. Vivian Liska
University of Antwerpen
PD Dr. Elad Lapidot
Prof. Dr. Elad Lapidot
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